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FlyHighland Ltd was born out of a heartfelt desire to make a real difference in the lives of rural communities. It began as a simple idea for a for-profit business, but quickly transformed into something much more profound. Our journey has been fuelled by a deep connection with the people we wish to serve and a burning passion to meet their needs.

We are immersing ourselves in the rural communities we aim to serve over the coming months, listening to their voices and understanding their aspirations. Through this process, we aim to gain invaluable insights into what truly matters to them when it comes to air travel and other related opportunities. From service levels and operations to the smallest details of what they want on board, we will take every suggestion to heart.

Wick Airport in the snow taken by a FlyHighland member of staffThomas Eccles, attending Britten Norman Bembridge reopening.

One particular experience stands out as the catalyst for our unwavering commitment. Our Managing Director, Thomas Eccles, found himself in a situation where he needed to swiftly return to the mainland from Shetland. It was a critical moment filled with urgency and anxiety. The struggle to arrange transportation, both logistically and financially, profoundly impacted Thomas. He realised first-hand the challenges faced by island communities during emergencies and the pressing need for a reliable and affordable air carrier.

With this raw emotion and personal connection, we approach our work at FlyHighland. Every decision we make, and every service we wish to provide, is driven by a deep sense of empathy and a burning determination to make a positive impact. We are dedicated to ensuring that no one else has to face the same obstacles and uncertainties that Thomas experienced.

Our vision goes beyond profitability. We are here to forge meaningful connections, to bring people together, and to create opportunities for growth and development, both on an individual and a local economic development level. FlyHighland is not just an airline; it is a chance for a beacon of hope, a symbol of resilience, and a lifeline for those in remote areas who deserve reliable and accessible air travel options.

Join us on this emotional journey as we rewrite the narrative of air travel in rural communities. Together, we can overcome barriers, redefine possibilities, and uplift the spirits of those who have long yearned for an affordable air carrier. FlyHighland is here to be the wings that connect hearts, families and dreams...


Who we are

FlyHighland is comprised of a team of individuals that understand the struggle of traveling within the Scottish Highlands and Islands. With over 15 years of transport experience between us. We want to build the company that will take you to the skies.

Wick airport
Thomas Eccles at Britten Norman

What we are doing

We are planning the largest airline feasibility study in Scottish history. We plan to visit every constituency that could benefit from having a FlyHighland service operating to and from it.

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